Best Ethnic Restaurants in Tanzania

The Sunset Bar - Africa House Hotel

$$ R5PP+6RH, Shangani St, , Zanzibar
African International Casual Dining Ethnic
Nestled in the historic setting of the Africa House Hotel, the Sunset Bar & Restaurant provides a culinary experience steeped in heritage and authenticity. Famed for its unrivalled views of the sun melting into the Indian Ocean, it offers a menu that beautifully blends local and international cuisine, providing a gastronomic treat in a setting imbued with colonial charm. The Sunset Bar & Restaurant at Africa House presents a thoughtfully curated menu that celebrates Zanzibar's rich culinary tradition while incorporating international influences. Utilizing the island's abundant fresh produce and seafood, the dishes here are a gastronomic representation of the cultural mosaic that Zanzibar embodies. Standout dishes include the "Zanzibari Seafood Platter", offering a selection of the freshest catch of the day, and the "Spice Island Curry," a word that pays homage to Zanzibar's moniker, 'The Spice Island.' Desserts like the "Cardamom Infused Crème Brûlée" add a unique local twist to international favourites. The open terrace setting of the restaurant ensures guests enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Stone Town's historic Forodhani Gardens. The sight of the sun setting over the ocean, painting the sky with hues of orange and red, provides a spectacular end to the day.
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