Best Restaurants in Nungwi

Badolina Secret Garden Restaurant

$$ Zanzibar Nungwi, 09255, Nungwi
International Mediterranean Middle Eastern Casual Dining
Our restaurant is located 25m from the beach. Badolina is more than just a restaurant, is it a place where fellow travelers can meet, chill and enjoy delicious Mediterranean dishes with a glass of wine in our lounge area. Just the place to eat if you are looking for fresh, comfort food made with love.

Mama Mia

$$ Nungwi Zanzibar TZ, 73107, Nungwi
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
The restaurant's main feature is a terrace overlooking the sea and you can also have your meals right on the beach. The dishes we offer combine the high quality and freshness of local products with the talent of chef Alfonso and his brigade entirely made up of local chefs. Mama mia has also had a wood-fired oven to offer its guests genuine Italian pizza. Recently a homemade gelato shop inside the restaurant has further widened our gastronomic offer.

Istanbul Restaurant & Bar

$$ Nungwi Beach, 2226, Nungwi
Mediterranean Casual Dining
Our restaurant which is in the most attractive area of the Zanzibar island; the Nungwi Beach, is situated on a rock at the most extreme point where you will feel like you are in the sea. With its menu consisting of Turkish, Italian, Greek, and Mediterranean appetizers, pastries, and seafood, it is the ‘must go’ atmosphere to have a delicious, hygienic, and romantic dinner or a quick tasty lunch. We have an open kitchen, where our guests who wish to visit can do so or watch it from the screens located in different parts of the restaurant.

Fisherman's Seafood & Grill

$$$$ Nungwi Beach Resort By Turaco, 2651, Nungwi
Mediterranean Casual Dining
Fisherman's Seafood & Grill will likely have a nautical or beach-inspired theme. The decor may feature marine elements, possibly with an open-air setting to take advantage of Nungwi's beautiful beachfront location. The focus would probably be on seafood and grilled dishes. You could expect a variety of fresh, locally caught fish and shellfish, prepared in traditional Zanzibari style or with international influences. The menu might include grilled fish, seafood pasta, calamari, lobsters, and other oceanic delicacies. The atmosphere at Fisherman's Seafood & Grill might be relaxed and casual, reflecting the laid-back beach vibe of Nungwi. If it's located near the beach, you might also find that it captures the rhythm of the local life, with the ebb and flow of the tide and the daily catch influencing the pace and energy of the restaurant.

Kibanda Restaurant

$$$$ Nungwi Beach Road, 2651, Nungwi
Italian International Casual Dining Family Style
Kibanda Lodge and Restaurant is the latest creature born from the passion of three (ex) young people who left over 35 years ago in search of adventure, in love with the sea, nature and, of course, the tropics! There's a reason why Zanzibar's beaches are so famous. Imagine a landscape of turquoise waters bathing white sand, a sea breeze blowing through the palm fronds and on the horizon, an elderberry sailing towards dawn with a thousand pastel shades, and we offer all our customers an aperitif at sea at sunset, 3 hours of the sailing dhow with friends, aperitifs and live music.

Sexy Fish

$$ Nungwi Beach, 4807, Nungwi
International Premium Casual
Sexy Fish Restaurant offers a memorable dining experience with fresh seafood, an enchanting atmosphere, and a stunning location. Whether you're seeking a romantic dinner at sunset, a relaxing beachfront lunch, or a special place to gather with friends and family, this restaurant delivers on all fronts. With its captivating views of the Indian Ocean, delightful menu, and welcoming atmosphere, Sexy Fish Restaurant leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. Sexy Fish Restaurant celebrates the bounty of the Indian Ocean with a menu that emphasizes fresh, locally-sourced seafood. The menu explores Tanzanian culinary traditions, accented with global influences, delivering a gastronomic journey that is both exotic and familiar.

Opera Restaurant

$$ Banda Kuu, 73107, Nungwi
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Premium Casual
Opera Hotel is in Nungwi, a fishing village in the north of the island of Zanzibar. In just 5 minutes on foot, you can reach the wonderful beach of fine white sand and dive into a sea full of turquoise shades. You will also be able to see the shows, typical sailing boats and watch the fiery sun disappear beyond the Indian Ocean. Opera Hotel is about 55 km from the airport and Stone Town. Inside, the Opera restaurant is large and bright; the restaurant offers a variety of traditional local and Italian dishes that you can choose from our a la carte menu. Inside the restaurant, you will find a bar to enjoy juice cocktails and milkshakes made with fresh, exotic fruit and American coffee, Italian espresso, cappuccino, mochaccino, and refreshing spice teas.

The Jetty Bar & Restaurant

$$ Essque Zalu Zanzibar, 3151, Nungwi
African International European Mediterranean Casual Dining
Positioned beautifully on a wooden pier jutting out into the crystal-clear Indian Ocean, The Jetty Bar & Restaurant in Nungwi is an absolute paradise for food lovers and those seeking a unique dining experience. Known for its stunning ocean views, relaxed atmosphere, and exceptional blend of local and international cuisines, The Jetty Bar & Restaurant has become a must-visit culinary destination in Nungwi. Highlights from the menu include the "Zanzibar Seafood Platter," an abundant offering of the day's freshest catch, including prawns, lobster, calamari and line fish, and the "Swahili Spiced Chicken," a hearty dish prepared with local spices. Vegetarian options are plentiful, with words like "Vegetable Curry" and "Chapati Wraps" filled with fresh, local produce. The atmosphere at The Jetty Bar & Restaurant is nothing short of magical. The restaurant's unique location on the pier provides guests with unobstructed ocean views, providing the perfect backdrop for any meal. The open-air setting allows guests to enjoy the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves lapping against the pier, and the stunning Nungwi sunset.

Skybar Zanzibar By Nungwi Dreams

$$$ Nungwi Rd, , Nungwi
European Fine dining Premium Casual Elegant & Chic
Skybar Zanzibar by Nungwi Dreams offers a luxury dining experience that encapsulates the vibrant spirit of Tanzania. Perched atop the Nungwi Dreams Hotel, this rooftop bar and restaurant promises a blend of mouth-watering cuisine, creative cocktails, and breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean, all presented in a chic and contemporary setting. Skybar Zanzibar's menu is a celebration of local flavours and international influences. The culinary team takes pride in crafting dishes made with the freshest ingredients, sourced locally from the fertile lands of Tanzania and the abundant Indian Ocean. Among the standout dishes are the "Zanzibar Spice Marinated Grilled Fish," a tribute to the rich local fishing tradition, and the "East African Nyama Choma Platter," featuring a variety of grilled meats marinated with local spices. The "Tropical Fruit Pavlova" showcases the region's fresh fruits in a light and airy meringue nest for dessert. The atmosphere at Skybar Zanzibar by Nungwi Dreams is one of relaxed elegance. Its minimalist design, combined with subtle African touches, creates an ambience of sophistication without pretension. The open-air setting allows for unobstructed views of the sky and sea, giving guests the sensation of dining amidst the stars and the waves.

Rooftop Bar, Z Hotel

$$$ 779R+QJ9, , Nungwi
European Premium Casual
Our all-day dining two-floor restaurant & bar – cinnamon/rooftops are situated on the 1st & 2nd floors overlooking the ocean and the fantastic Zanzibar sunsets. Both spaces offer a casual menu of Asian-inspired platters, sushi & stir-fries, and simple Western classics like burgers, pizzas and salads. There is also a selection of Zanzibar dishes, including the famous stone town masala. Finally, there is also a generous selection of homemade desserts, including sticky date pudding & chocolate fondant. The bar is fully stocked with a range of imported drinks. It is perfectly positioned for watching the magnificent Zanzibari sunset at the end of a hard day’s sunbathing on the fabulous Nungwi beaches, accompanied by one of our signature cocktails. Floor 2 of Cinnamon/rooftops is open-to-the-sky and has both dining tables and comfortable sofas to sit back and enjoy the views of the ocean, nungwi beach and, of course, the sunset. We have a DJ playing relaxed sunset music on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 5 pm to 8.30 pm. We also have daily happy hour cocktails between 5 pm and 8 pm, but come early as it fills quickly during these busy hours.
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