Best Restaurants in Zanzibar

Zenji Food Lovers Joint

$$$$ Zanzibar, Tanzania, , Hurumzi, Zanzibar
Italian American French Indian Casual Dining
Zenji Food Lovers joint was established to cater to both the local and international clients who travel around the globe to get a taste of different cultures. We prepare American, French, Italian, African, and Indian cuisine as well as our local Tanzanian cuisine.

Tembo Bahari Restaurant

$$$$ Tembo House Hotel, Shangani St, , Stone Town, Zanzibar
Italian Mediterranean Asian Premium Casual Family Style
The Tembo Bahari Restaurant is located by the seafront and is where we serve you breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Should you wish, a private and intimate supper can be arranged for you on our rooftop terrace to taste our international cuisine while you watch the beautiful sunset over Zanzibar.

Abyssinian Maritim

$$ R5MQ+V7F, 1682, Stone Town, Zanzibar
Ethiopian Casual Dining
Abyssinian Maritim is an Ethiopian Traditional Restaurant, located in Zanzibar City.

6 Degrees South

$$$$ Plot 60, Waterfront, Shangani St, , Stone Town, Zanzibar
African Casual Dining
6 Degrees South is a first of its kind restaurant in Stone Town. We specialize in meat dishes and seafood of exceptional quality.

New Monsoon Restaurant

$$ Forodhani Garden, , Stone Town, Zanzibar
Chinese Casual Dining
At New New Monsoon Restaurant we pride ourselves on the ability to offer our customers delicious and authentic Multicuisine, Indian & Indo Chinese Food, created at the highest standards. Every single meal we make is unique. We guarantee that you won`t get disappointed.

The Silk Route

$$ Mizingani Rd, , Stone Town, Zanzibar
Indian Asian Casual Dining
A restaurant brimming with character, the space creates an energetic, engaging atmosphere. With servers as quick with a smile as they are knowledgeable about their product, The Silk Route is a clean, modern social space ready to welcome you. Situated in Stone Town, Zanzibar - just steps away from the Indian Ocean and Forodhani Park, The Silk Route remains true to its traditional culinary realm while introducing local ingredients and innovation to classical dishes.

Funky Monkey Restaurant

$$ 159 Gizenga St, , Stone Town, Zanzibar
African International Casual Dining
Funky restaurant serving affordable delicious food designed to spoil your taste buds made with love by our top Chefs right in the heart of Stone Town.

Masa Japanese Restaurant

$$ 1st Floor Of Shanghani Post Office, 3820, Stone Town, Zanzibar
Japanese Asian Casual Dining
MASA is the only Japanese restaurant in Zanzibar. We utilize Zanzibar's fresh seafood and ingredients to provide the finest meals. To ensure that your private time is more comfortable and to make your journey a more memorable experience, we will promise the hospitality of our staff and service as much as we can. ​

Ma Shaa Allah Cafe

$$ 4151 Mkunazini St, , Zanzibar
African Indian Casual Dining
Ma Shaa Allah Cafe is a local food with delicious and authentic local food in a typical stone town building with a cozy and chilling ambiance, including a variety of drinks and beverages.

La Taverna | Restaurant - Mediterranean Signature Cuisine

$$ Benjamin Mkapa Rd, 3001, Zanzibar
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
La Taverna is a story of passion. The story of our family with three generations of cooking in our blood. We've come together to bring you the best of our family recipes from various regions of Italy: Tuscany, Milano, Roma & Napoli. We create traditional, homemade pasta, pizzas, bread, & desserts - serving a wide variety of imported, cured Italian meats, cheeses & coffee drinks. We take great pride in the quality of our ingredients. Many of our pasta is homemade using a combination of recipes passed down from three generations of chefs.

Kendwa Rocks Restaurant

$$$ 67XQ+345, Kendwa, , Zanzibar
African Casual Dining
Kendwa rocks Restaurant in Zanzibar, is great, has good food with on-time service, the bar is lively and full of the traveling crowd. The kitchen specializes in Indian Ocean cuisine (Zanzibari, Indian, Arabic, Thai, and Indonesian). As Zanzibar is a spice island, presenting food in the full scope of flavors but haven’t forgotten those with milder tastes.

The Sunset Bar - Africa House Hotel

$$ R5PP+6RH, Shangani St, , Zanzibar
African International Casual Dining Ethnic
Nestled in the historic setting of the Africa House Hotel, the Sunset Bar & Restaurant provides a culinary experience steeped in heritage and authenticity. Famed for its unrivalled views of the sun melting into the Indian Ocean, it offers a menu that beautifully blends local and international cuisine, providing a gastronomic treat in a setting imbued with colonial charm. The Sunset Bar & Restaurant at Africa House presents a thoughtfully curated menu that celebrates Zanzibar's rich culinary tradition while incorporating international influences. Utilizing the island's abundant fresh produce and seafood, the dishes here are a gastronomic representation of the cultural mosaic that Zanzibar embodies. Standout dishes include the "Zanzibari Seafood Platter", offering a selection of the freshest catch of the day, and the "Spice Island Curry," a word that pays homage to Zanzibar's moniker, 'The Spice Island.' Desserts like the "Cardamom Infused Crème Brûlée" add a unique local twist to international favourites. The open terrace setting of the restaurant ensures guests enjoy breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Stone Town's historic Forodhani Gardens. The sight of the sun setting over the ocean, painting the sky with hues of orange and red, provides a spectacular end to the day.
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