The Jetty Bar & Restaurant

About Us

Positioned beautifully on a wooden pier jutting out into the crystal-clear Indian Ocean, The Jetty Bar & Restaurant in Nungwi is an absolute paradise for food lovers and those seeking a unique dining experience. Known for its stunning ocean views, relaxed atmosphere, and exceptional blend of local and international cuisines, The Jetty Bar & Restaurant has become a must-visit culinary destination in Nungwi.

Highlights from the menu include the "Zanzibar Seafood Platter," an abundant offering of the day's freshest catch, including prawns, lobster, calamari and line fish, and the "Swahili Spiced Chicken," a hearty dish prepared with local spices. Vegetarian options are plentiful, with words like "Vegetable Curry" and "Chapati Wraps" filled with fresh, local produce. The atmosphere at The Jetty Bar & Restaurant is nothing short of magical. The restaurant's unique location on the pier provides guests with unobstructed ocean views, providing the perfect backdrop for any meal. The open-air setting allows guests to enjoy the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves lapping against the pier, and the stunning Nungwi sunset.
Cuisines African, International, European, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Casual Dining
Cuisine Styles Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, Seafood
Services Free Wi-Fi, Smoking Area, Disabled access, Beachfront, Outdoor Seating
Payment Options Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Map & Contacts

Address Essque Zalu Zanzibar
Nungwi, 3151
Telephone (+255) 777555566